Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 5 : Favourite Bags From Forever 21

I've always been a crazy fan of Forever21. I remember the first wishlist I ever created online was on the website.. only my luck was too bad that they didn't deliver in India back then.. nor did I have any NRI relatives who'd be generous enough to send me the good stuff. It took almost 8 years for Forever21 website to go operational in India and the day it did, I was elated.

Ever since June, I've been visiting the website regularly for collection updates given the fact that they only uploaded a limited collection compared to their US counterpart. I did order few trinkets meanwhile but what I've been lusting over most is the affordable collection of bags! So here are the five Forever21 bags that i'm loving right now.

This beauty could be carried to work or be paired with formal outfits effortlessly. Lust worthy piece. 

I'm a fan of satchels and this one in Camel is such a gorgeously simple bag that I fell in love instantly. A bag every girl must own, for days when you're jumping around the town running errands. 

A bag you'd ideally carry around while brunching with friends or heading out for a day full of fun on weekends. I especially love the pattern on this one, so very chic !

A Beautiful White Bag with an adjustable strap to make it even more comfy to carry around. 

Feel all Nautical with this fresh orange striped tote. I love, love the rope handles. Perfect to carry when going around for a swim by the beach or the choose. 

I love almost every bag at, but these are the five I wouldn't wait too long to add to my own collection even though i'm not a bag hoarder at all. Just that, every girl should have a bag for each mood she has.

Do you like any of these? Which one catches your eye? Share you favorites with me.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Shopping At

I am always a fanatic when it comes to Hair Products. There can be numerous bottles of serums, conditioners, combs and devices for my hair and I would never be satisfied. What I love even more is that recently, our choices have expanded so tremendously.. given the gift of internet that now I can shop away my pleasures with just a click from anywhere I want. 

One such awesome place to dive into your guilty hair pleasures is . They stock all your beauty needs from brands you've coveted or the ones you've never ever heard of before.. Be it Kerastase, Redken, Morrocan Oil or Paul Mitchell. They've got all you want. 

What makes the website even more tempting is that they have multiple offers ongoing from time to time. Like you can grab a discount by using the code SAVESEPT for all you september purchases or if you want you can get yourself A Real Techniques Kit with the code GIFTSEPT

I am personally lusting over the Kerastase collection.. all those magic potions are nowhere found over at indian counters. 

The icing on the cake is that the website offers free worldwide shipping. I'm gonna shop away my wishlist once I run out of my current stock. 

Meanwhile, you can grab Free Delivery Offers At HQHair, where you'll find bundles of joy for saving your precious bucks while you spend them for your heart's content.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty : H20+ Targeted Care Hand & Nail Cream Review

I'm not a beauty junkie. When it comes to buying new beauty products, I usually am clueless. But thanks to people at My Envy Box, I get to try a handful of beauty samples each month than majorly influence my buying decisions. 

The most recent influence on me is the H20+ Targeted Care Hand And Nail Cream which I received a couple months ago in the My Envy Box. I stalled using it for a while until the day I realized how awful my hands looked. Being lazy and careless that I am, I never really do anything for my hands to make em look better. So, I picked up the sample tube that arrived in mail and started using a little of it a few times during the day.

Much to my surprise, I've been loving this cream! It not only softens the skin like a baby's, it also leaves around a beautiful subtle smell that makes me sniff my hand like a maniac. :P

The lowdown : It is a lightweight cream that moisturises well enough to last a few hours. Not oily or greasy at all and just a light application does the work. I only need a small amount for both my hands due to it's thick consistency. Also, it smells very pleasant, and the fragrance is subtle enough to last a few minutes. 

The best part? It's paraben free so thankfully, you can never have enough of it. 

I loved it so much that I recently bought a full sized tube for my mom who often has trouble finding the right hand cream for her much experience beautiful hands. 

The H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream is easily available online at Envy Boutique for INR 1,100. 

Shop Away! :)

Do you have any hand cream favourites? Share With Me.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Envy Box | August 2014

When the calendar page turns a leaf, I wait anxiously for the mid-month to come cuz that's when My Envy Box arrives. Over the past few months, my excitement for the box keeps rising higher each month. 

I love it that the amazing people at My Envy Box work to deliver us a unique set of product samples each month. And like each month that has passed by, this month's box was better than the last. That's what progress is, I guess.. to be better than what you used to be. 

The August Envy Box is special for a lot of reasons. It is the most luxurious edition I've received so far with five high end luxury brands from different parts of the world. Also, it's ORANGE! After pink and lavender, this one's a preppy colour andI love it. Hope they'll feature green one too sometime.

To begin with, There is an Epique Switzerland Intensive Revitalising Eye Formula sample tube in quite a decent size. Since i've been facing minor sleep problems lately and my under eye skin is suffering cuz of the same , I'm most excited to start using this first! A full sized 15ML tube costs INR 3200 and is available at My Envy Boutique.

The second product that grabs the spotlight is Wild Ferns New Zealand Kiwifruit Rejuvenating Hand Creme. This one I plan to purchase for mom after she's finished her H20 Plus hand cream that I received earlier. 

Next is Lo'ccitane En Provence Anglica Hydra Vital Cream. This one has 2 sachets with a fair amount of cream given the price ( INR 2990 for 50ML). I like that it has a light weight texture and could easily be my next moisturiser given how awesome I find it. 

This time they sent me a perfume sample again but it's not as great as the ones i've received before.. Roberto Cavalli and Nina Ricci. this month they sent me Givenchy Play and although my sister thought it smelled great, I just can't tolerate how it smells. With top notes being Orange Blossom and Pink Peppercorn, It's too strong and stays for long hours. Not something I'd like to buy.

The last but not the least is my favorite H20 plus. This month they sent the Aqalibrium Sea Mineral Scrub, Priced at 1050 for a full sized tube, i can't wait to finish this sample and get a full sized one. I'm always thrilled by the H20 plus samples. For one, they come in pretty good size and secondly, they are always awesome. 

I've loved My Envy Box each month and I love it a little more this time. The best part is that they never fail to bring variety.. when last month's box was about Indian Luxury Brands, this month they've gone global and in a great way. 

They also sent me a Givenchy coupon but I can't use it given that fact that I don't reside in the metros. 

Now, anticipation is high for what they're going to come up with next month that can be as good as the variety they presented in the August Envy Box. 

What was in your #MyEnvyBox, share with me. :)

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