Friday, June 20, 2014

My Envy Box | June 2014

The My Envy Box team has me head over heels in love with their best beauty box in India so far. 

I was never a beauty fanatic, never too feminine.. just a casual girl who never cared too much about the beauty products out in the stores.. but the My Envy Box now has me picking favorite brands and varieties of products that I never imagined the existence of! 

I received a lovely summery box of beauty samples in the June Envy Box. The May Envy Box was equally fantastic but I couldn't manage to squeeze a blogpost cuz of the long vacation. 

This time, after receiving two pretty pink boxes, I was sent a beautiful Lilac one. It was such a delight to see the change in color that too one from the upgraded shades of Radiant Orchid, pantone color of the year.

The products inside the box were just as fascinating with an Innisfree Eco Nail Color in full size. Check out why the June Box is so fabulous and why you should subscribe the My Envy Box

The best part about this month's box was that it was a subtle combination of Global as well as Indian Beauty Brands.

Kronokare is slowly rising to the top of the lists and it was a delight to receive a body lotion from the same, although lavender is not my favorite scent, I like the fact that it is SLS and Parabene Free.

This is also the second time that I received a Skin Yoga product, the last was a body scrub which was pretty great too! Can't wait to try this out as my feet are in dire need of care.

I love the Nina Ricci perfumes and getting a sample made me really happy! It's more of a fruity feminine note compared to the Roberto Cavalli sample I received in May.

Overall, this month's box is a treat, just like always!

If you wish to subscribe My Envy Box too ( And I must say that you definitely MUST!) then follow this link.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Monday

I've always loved subtle, acoustic love ballads. Usually they come from singers/songwriters with names beginning with J like James Blunt, James Morrison or Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz is coming back with a new record and has just released a new love ballad that i'm currently listening. Love is a funny thing, Whenever I give it, it comes back to me. I had planned to share a song by The Black Keys today but listening this changed my mind instantly and I wanted more and more people to listen a pretty love song. 

So, hear it out. If you love someone like that, it'll make your stomach feel funny and I hope you feel that way instead of the sinking feeling and relating to it in a sad, sad way. :)

When you love someone
Your heartbeat beats so loud
When you love someone
Your feet can’t feel the ground

Ain't that a song to love? Share your favorite Love Ballads with me.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review : Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment

Hair have always been a sensitive yet a favorite topic of mine. I have had so many hair stages that I could write a book about it. It's something that I take pride in. I love love love my hair. And that love doesn't stop me from my trying on news things.

Not until a few years ago I used to hate hair oils. They were sticky and they smelled and they were terrible in a summer like ours! Then I grew up and starting reading stuff and realized you didn't have to keep oil in your hair all the freakin time. It just had to be oiled and washed later. It was bliss! It was a win win situation considering that my mom would be happy I let her gimme an immensely oily hair champi and I got to wash it off later to have a oil free bob on my head.

I could list all the hair oils i've used and the list could be so long so i'm just gonna mention the one I'm here to talk about. I first got to know about Bhringraj hair oil by a friend who had super lustrous and long jet black mane. I used it first around 6 years ago. and was so surpried by the effect the oil had on my hair in just a few uses that I started taking my hair really seriously and began oiling it twice or thrice a week instead of just once. My hair was in a wonderful, glamourous phase until a stressful year arrived and even bhrigraj couldn't help me in those days so I half heartedly switched to olive oil for a year just to return back to the oil that feels like is meant to be for my hair. Luckily, the old charm returned and I couldn't be much happier though it wasn't the same. 

A few months ago, while I was browsing the Kama Ayurveda catalog I came across Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment and I googled it, just out of the blue. To my delight the web was filled with praiseworthy reviews so I decided to buy myself a bottle just to try. I shared the pic on instagram when a few of my friends asked my to review it and I promised I would after I knew if it was really good. Needless to say, I put it off until today when I've just emptied the second bottle and placing an order for the third. 

To begin with, like almost every other ayurvedic product, the Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment has a really strong smell that's not pleasing at all. I usually leave oil in my hair overnight but with this one the overnight rule has to be forgiven.. (unless your guy loves you so much that he sacrifices his sense of smell for sleeping next to you). The best thing about this oil is that it is really light despite the thick texture. Initially I only need twice coin sized amount to cover full head application but the thickening effect it has on my medium length hair made me double the quantity to really cover all hair for a good session of head massage.

IngredientsIndigofera Tinctoria linn, Cardiopermum Halicacabum linn, Eclipta Alba, Phyllanthus Emblica, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Cocasnucifera Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil. I swear I have no clue what all those things are but I can decipher a few, since most bhringraj oils are based on Seasum or Til oil, it also includes Indigo, Amla or gooseberry, Coconut extract and Liqourice extract that is also known as Mulathi in hindi and common ingredient to the mothers. 

Price : INR 450 for 100ml 

Available at : 

How It Works 

As it says on the bottle " Prescribed In Ayurveda for lush hair growth and to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature greying. Naturally Conditioning." 

1. Lush Hair Growth 

True. It really made my hair grow a little longer than it does usually in the same amount of time and it did thicken the hair at the roots. I've had a problem of thinner hair at the ends that I believe shall be gone with a hair cut. So yes, really Lush Hair Growth is a true fact about the oil. 

2. Premature Greying 

I've had a few greys and it did make them brownish but they didn't disappear miraculously. Though I believe it prevents them from being *abundant*. 

3. Prevents Hair Loss 

Now I can't say it helps during hair loss cuz my hair loss phase was due to hormonal factors, it really reduces hair breakage. The only hair that breaks from my hair lately are a few strands that are tangled horribly. *touchwood* You can call it minimum or not hair breakage at all! One of the reasons why I love it so much!

4. Dandruff 

Never had the problem myself but worked well for my Mr. , reduces it impressively when treated early on. 

5. Naturally Conditioning 

Very Very Much True In Fact. Like it says at the back of the bottle "The treatment works as a natural conditioner when left on for 30 minutes." Well, it really does but I use the conditioner any way cuz I like how my conditioner smells. 

6. Natural Shine

Doesn't say so on the bottle but it gives hair a healthy natural shine even if you dont use a conditioner post shampoo. 

7. Damage Recovery

Really recovers hair from the heat damage inflicted by blow driers and curling irons. Skipped it for a week or two during a busy wedding season and my hair had begun to look dead, started with the oiling again and it bounced back to a healthy mane in no time. 

Now I have almost put all my good feelings about the oil into words but I also would like to say a little more. It is indeed a wonderful oil but it smells a little like mehendi when it's soaked with other herbs although i'm sure its not one of the ingredients. Not everyone can stand it and it lingers on in the entire room even after you've washed the hair so I suggest it should be applied when sitting in an open space like the verandah. 
Also, it gave me an unbearable itch the one or two times that I left it overnight ( yeah, my hubby still agreed to sleep next to me, yes he loves me so! :D ) so I stuck to applying it only for a few hours and the itch never appeared again. 

Overall, it is a fabulous hair treatment that you should try if you have any kind of hair problem or just simply want your hair grow faster or make it healthier. 

I give it 10/10. 

Do you swear by any hair oil? Have you tried The Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment? Let me know. 

Picture Courtesy : GauriBee :)

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Top 5 : Summer Beauty Essentials Under A Budget

Pic Courtesy 

I love the Indian Summer. Sure it's hot as hell but we can flaunt our skin and flaunt our mane and what's not to love about that! But one thing that often goes wrong during the hot days is the laziness that takes over when matters are taken beauty wise. 

I often forget to dab on sunscreen when stepping out and return with tan lines of all over. It looks horrible when I can see a watch stamped on my skin, courtesy sun. What's even worse is, I keep buying beauty stuff that I know i'm not gonna use so they end up inching towards the expiry date while lying on my bathroom shelf one day at a time. 

But now, with a recharged spirit, here are a few of my favorites that i'm swearing by this summer and (as a part of the long lost new year resolution.. sticking to keeping my skin healthy and beautiful as much as I can). 

Check out the Top 5 products that makes you Summer Ready :

Tea Tree is one of the best and hottest beauty ingredient that i'm in love with. And talking about Original Source, I'm addicted to the brand! The perfect thing to turn the showers even fresher and rejuvinating. What's best about the brand is that all shower gels and natural and organic. The perfect reason to love the season. 

INR 225

Make up in the hot weather is minimal due to obvious reasons, hence the always essential lipstick jumps in. With this shade of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, you can never go wrong be it day or night. I love the fact that this one's a moisturizing stick, another reason to skip the sticky lip balms. And an additional SPF 15! Could I be any more specific?

INR 650

You know what I said about Tea Tree before? I'm obsessed. I've used this facewash before and it makes you skin feel alive, no kidding! It cleanses so well without stripping your skin off the natural oils. I can actually feel my skin become so soft that it feels like a baby's. Yet another thing to love about this is that it works just as well on my hubby's skin too. ( he wouldn't like me sharing that detail!) But if it makes an adult man's skin feel so soft, it definitely is a keeper!

INR 118

I've been using Votre Pore shrinking toner for a couple of months now and been loving it. But that was during the cold season. This one's a Refining toner and I think it's the best for the summer to refine the open pores instead of shrinking them. We all have an issue with the pores, right? What makes this one stand out from the rest is that the formula is alcohol free and 100% organic! I also love the tingling feeling on the skin when you dab it on, feels just like a piece of ice. 

INR 180

Last but not the least, like I've always been complaining, I hate to see the tan marks on my arms and my face cuz of wearing sunnies when it's hot hot hot out there. This one is the most awesome remedy to get rid on the tan. Comes in form of a tub, the cream is based on saffron and turmeric, widely popular are the best remedy for tan, pigmentation and sunburns. 

INR 224

Those are some of the summer beauty must haves that i'm gonna stash in my bag while staying under a budget of INR 1500. #WhatsInYourBeautyBag? 

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