Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weekend Favorites | Grey's Anatomy Quotes

I am a fan of good television. Of all the many tv shows I watch, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy the longest.. given its 11 seasons!

I love how the show has evolved, I love how the characters lead similar yet entirely different lives.. I love how they keep adding new faces yet keeping the old ones. I love everything about the show.  Sure, I hate it when they let Christina go.. but that was such a great tragic move that you can't complain.

Yet of all things, what I love the most about the show is how quotable it is. I have shared the songs featured on the show manyy times on Music Monday but I never shared the quotes. So, you must check out some of the most memorable Grey's Anatomy Quotes on

Here are some that I liked.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Current Beauty Favorites | A Dash of Pink

Hello there! How's Winter treating ya all? I'm freezing most of the times but loving the cozy sweaters and socks. Hate the weather though, I'm a summer person at heart. Hate, Hate, HATE winter! Anyway, I was upgrading my stash of skincare the other day when I noticed a burst of color on my shelf. There were quite many pink bottles and tubs in it. Sure there are a lot of blues but pink is pretty so I decided to share the cuteness with you. Here are some of the pink goodness that I'm loving lately. No, it ain't my favorite color but a girl can't escape a dose of pink, right?

Moving from left to right, there's an Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel, ZA Perfect Solutions Cleansing Foam, Aroma Magic Carrot Sunscreen Lotion, Victoria's Secret Total Attraction Body Butter, Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry and EOS Lip Balm Sphere. 

1. Original Source Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Shower Gel : It's more of a creamy solution but wayyy too delicious! Oh when you pour it on your loofah it's like pouring out bubblegum or candy. Not too harsh on the skin since it's vegan, I absolutely love this shower gel. Been bathing with Original Source for more than a year now and damnnn i'm still as much addicted to it. I've used other variants of the OS and now I think I must do another post on it soon. It was easily available online earlier but I couldn't find it once I'd used up my initial stock so when I found someone selling them on Amazon, I bought a couple bottles in all variants ;) 

2. ZA Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam : Came across the brand when I first received their Collagen Cream sample in the My Envy Box, I absolutely love the face wash, if you call it so. You only need a small amount and it doesn't strip the skin of natural oils. Perfect winter facewash, I must say.

3. Aroma Magic Carrot Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15 : Not too greasy and light on SPF this one's perfect for my winter days since I don't step out much in the sun. Well, the sun's barely even there lately but this one's a good, drugstore sunscreen. 

4. Victoria's Secret Total Attraction Body Butter : This tub is packed with such a beautiful smelling body butter that i'm in love with VS all over again! I'd heard not so good review about their skincare range but couldn't stop myself from buying this one. It's a pink (PINK!!) body butter, very smoothing and with a long lasting sweet fragrance that not too strong to make you cringe your nose. It's like a light spritz of the VS body mist but ofcourse, lasting longer! 

5. Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry : a sweet, greasy lip balm. I prefer to aply this one at night so I wake up with adorably soft lips in the morning. Debuted last winter, loving it still!

6. EOS Lip Balm Raspberry Sphere : You must think i'm in love with raspberries.. I guess I am! This natural, all vegan lip balm sphere is so so so good, I can barely explain how! They didn't name it Evolution of Smooth for nothin' ! I guess, this is the only lip balm that lives up to the hype that's been created for it. You apply it once and you've got baby soft lips for the next few hours. The smell is also on the subtle side so it doesn't irks you much. Love it so much !

Are any of these your favorite items? Would you love to try any of these? Should I review any specific item in detail? 

Let Me Know :)

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My Envy Box | November 2014

Receiving the My Envy Box is the favorite beauty moment of the month for me. Each time it arrives, I open it up and am overjoyed with the contents that are inside. I often forget to share them on the blog as swiftly as I try them though. Anyway, here's what was inside the My Envy Box last month, some absolutely awesome and sweet smelling things with a bonus gift. Check it out.

The Contents :

Suganda Rose Silk Soap : A Handmade in India, Natural soap that's SLS and Paraben Free (whee!!) this one smells so amazing that you just can't stop yourself from sniffing it. I love the smell of roses and this soap feels like a bunch of rose petals infused into a bar. Priced at INR 800 for 120gms, the box came with a 30g sample.

Natio Meditate Shower Gel : yet another floral fragranced shower gel, it smells quite divine ans i'm planning to switch to it once my current stock runs out. A definite buy kinda product, Priced at INR 740 for 240ML (along with 10% envy discount!) this one is a 30ML tube.

ZA Perfect Solutions Cleansing Foam : I've been using this for a month now, bought it when I tried the Collagen Cream from same range. A must have facial foam, priced at INR 399 for 100g the box has a 5g tube that can be used almost thrice so you can pop it in your handbag for the emergency times.

Bottega Di Lungavita Sunscreen SPF 30 : There's a sunscreen sample in the box every once in a while and this time its from Bottega Di Lungavita, Haven't tried it yet but can't wait to either since the Italian brand is pretty famous for its amazing beauty products.

Thalgo Exfoliator : Ive used some of the Thalgo samples that I received in previous boxes and always loved them all. Even though it is pretty awesome, I don't think it's something i'm gonna spend my bucks on for its quite overpriced. Would've bought it in a second if I had an unlimited bank balance :D

Bonus :

Sancha Mint Green Tea : a 25gms sample by Sancha, I've been trying a lot of herbal teas lately and this one arrived at the right moment :)

Calvin Klein One for Her : a sniff of this delicious perfume is enough to tempt you to buy it!

Did you get the same samples? Have you subscribed for the Envy Box Yet? No? Go ahead and do it nowww. 


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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Get Salon Like Hair With OzHead Hair Straightener

Not everyone in this world is blessed with gorgeous hair. For girls like me who has manes not curly and not even straight, having a great hair day is such wishful thinking!

More than the curls, I love straight hair. It's shiny, sleek and easy to manage. Can be perfect for both day and night and is so easy to manage. Now we're always curious to try new things that works for us but nothing gives a salon like perfect straight mane as the OzHead Hair Straighteners does!

I've been randomly searching for the best ones out there and this, OzHead Hair Straightener popped up in all my searches. 

A choice of most salon specialist, OzHead MK III Hair Straightener comes with a 3 years warranty along with a  microchip temperature control along with an LED indicator to show when it is ready to use. The adjustable temperature from 120*C to 230* C gives you the control to choose the temp right for your hair type without doing any damage, along with rapid heat up and heat recovery to ensure continuous straightening. 

The OzHead Goody Box Package which is the coolest one to get includes 1 OzHead MKIII Hair Straightener, 1 OzHead Mini Hair Straightener, An OzHead HeatMat/ Carry Pouch, a bottle of OzHead Hair Serum and Protector and a 3 Year Replacement Warranty on the OzHead MKIII Hair Straightener. All this is priced at $189.95 along with shipping!

You can use the code XMAS15 at checkout for a 15% discount. Also, checkout the website for more details :

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