Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Joy of Jigsaw at

Back in the early ninties when video games were becoming a craze, kids like me who weren't so screen friendly preferred another mode for entertainment.. Jigsaw Puzzles. I still remember going to the toy store every once in a while and picking new sets of puzzles and being extremely happy about it!

I still love Jigsaw Puzzles but good thing is, I don't have to visit some store anymore to get a new set,  thanks to the site where you can find a new puzzle every day! website is so simple and neat that just anyone can browse through it and play the puzzle of their choice. The home page features a new puzzle everyday as The Daily Jigsaw Puzzle with a snapshot of the puzzle besides it.

The Gallery has more than 2000 Jigsaw Puzzles, all well categorized and even rated by users. You can find Jigsaw Puzzle Pictures from Nature, Scenery and Animals to Art, Places and Transportation.

Back on the homepage, you can Register to submit your own pictures as puzzles and you can use your account to save your favorite ones. You can also save and load puzzles to play later.. all with a simple sign up. 

The website also tells you about the interesting History of Jigsaw Puzzles and How Jigsaw Puzzles Are Made. I love how entertains and helps in mental learning all at once for both adults and children.

Head over and play away!
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Envy Box | October 2014 - Curated By Vogue India

I hope you've had a very joyous Diwali. The celebration spirit is settling down but the lights are still on all around. I for one had a really laidback Diwali but I did shop a lot this time.. so much that I'm tempted to share some stuff on the blog sometime soon. Anyways, let's talk about the golden box that brightened my Diwali even more this time.. The Anniversary My Envy Box, Curated by Vogue India as a part of the #VogueEmpower campaign. I have only been subscribed for the Envy Box for the past few months but I can say this for sure, this month's was the Best One Yet! All good things  happen in October, my birthday month ;)

To begin with, this month's box was an all shiny & golden, loaded with half a dozen samples and a couple of gift cards. It had samples from  Clinique, Estee Lauder, Innisfree, Skin Yoga and Sebastian Potion along with a temporary tattoo by T.E.M. France. There was also a L'occitane Spa Gift Certificate worth  INR 1000 and an Estee Lauder scratch card.

Here's a glimpse of the samples I received.

Potion 9 by Sebastian Potion

A thick styling cream. I've never used any Sebastian Potion products before. If I like it, I might purchase it. Kinda low on styling products stock lately.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Sadly the sample is just one teeny sachet so it won't be easy to judge if it suits the skin within a few applications. Smells great though!

Estee Lauder No.1 Serum Advanced Night Repair

Two tiny sachets of the serum.. it's so good but so expensive that it's instantly going to my wishlist!

 Skin Yoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask

I'm a fan of all natural products and Skin Yoga has an amazing range of these. So happy to try this Face Mask. Came in such a cute bottle too.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

This is a decent sized sample, probably the largest one of the lot and hell it's awesome too! Tried it ones, super good and hydrating too. The fragrance is subtle and nice and it didn't dry u my skin like other makeup removers do. If you buy the full sized bottle, it's be worth every penny!

Innisfree It's Real Green Tea Mask Sheet

I had received an Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum sample a few months ago and it was amazing so I'd ordered a full bottle for my mom which she shared with my aunts and everyone loved it. Now I received a green tea mask sheet and if it's as good as I hope it'll be, I'll order a few more ! Mask sheets are so relaxing and this one must be amazing too.

Gift : T.E.M. France Temporary Tattoo

I received a Happiness tattoo. So using it under the ribs or the collar bone. I love golden tattoos :D

Over all, like the Envy team claims, this is Happiness In A Box this Festive Season :)

You should get one for yourself before the month's over! You'll be delighted to spend that Diwali Gift Money over a My Envy Box Subscription for the entire year long.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New In : Vero Moda Marquee & Alia Bhatt for Jabong

It is that time of the year again when the streets are lit up and the shops are all bright, stocked with the most dazzling things to lure in the festive shoppers. I love Diwali for the sheer reason of indulgence. No matter what faith and beliefs you have, if you're an Indian, you celebrate Diwali and never ever fail to shop away all your wishlisted items. Why wouldn't you, there's a flood of offers out there to tempt ya!

This time, the craze of shopping online is on another level of high given the multi-million funded online stores.  And while you're off splurging away, might I remind you to look for  some fabulous deals for all you shopping needs before you click check out.

Of all the Autumn/Winter collections stocked up in the stores right now, I'm really excited about these two featured below.. The Vero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar and Ali Bhatt for Jabong India. It's fun to see bollywood celebs following the hollywood lead on yet another level. Check out the few pieces I love from these collections. 

Vero Moda Marquee Collection by Karan Johar

This collection is subtle yet enigmatic. It has hues ranging from off white & beige along with peach in the understated dresses & tops to shimmery black & greys for party dresses. I'd been waiting to see how KJo does it in the designer shoes and I must say, I'm impressed! What's even awesome is that it is available on for one and all. 

Alia Bhatt For Jabong

Alia Bhatt to me is the new cheeky version of Lindsay Lohan, only much more civilized. Just like her personality, her collection for Jabong is a mixed bag.. has florals, prints, solids and stripes! It looks like one curated by an 18 year old. Although I have no clear feelings about it, I love a few pieces that pass off as classics and wouldn't hurt to be a part of my wardrobe.

The internet is becoming more shopaholic friendly with elite collection becoming available priced for the girls on budget. But with all these things that are ticked off my wishlist, I'm always looking for a way to get around and save me some bucks so I can indulge even more. Whether its saving by looking around for deals on fashion or jumping around to find offers on beauty products.. in my dire needs, I usually hop on to and find my saviors (aka the coupons!). There are some surprising fabulous vouchers out there that can help up reduce your expenses by a great margin cuz you can know a lot but you can't ever know it all.

Shop away this festive season, forgetting all your woes. Daddy will take care of that credit card bill later anyway :D
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 5 : Favourite Bags From Forever 21

I've always been a crazy fan of Forever21. I remember the first wishlist I ever created online was on the website.. only my luck was too bad that they didn't deliver in India back then.. nor did I have any NRI relatives who'd be generous enough to send me the good stuff. It took almost 8 years for Forever21 website to go operational in India and the day it did, I was elated.

Ever since June, I've been visiting the website regularly for collection updates given the fact that they only uploaded a limited collection compared to their US counterpart. I did order few trinkets meanwhile but what I've been lusting over most is the affordable collection of bags! So here are the five Forever21 bags that i'm loving right now.

This beauty could be carried to work or be paired with formal outfits effortlessly. Lust worthy piece. 

I'm a fan of satchels and this one in Camel is such a gorgeously simple bag that I fell in love instantly. A bag every girl must own, for days when you're jumping around the town running errands. 

A bag you'd ideally carry around while brunching with friends or heading out for a day full of fun on weekends. I especially love the pattern on this one, so very chic !

A Beautiful White Bag with an adjustable strap to make it even more comfy to carry around. 

Feel all Nautical with this fresh orange striped tote. I love, love the rope handles. Perfect to carry when going around for a swim by the beach or the choose. 

I love almost every bag at, but these are the five I wouldn't wait too long to add to my own collection even though i'm not a bag hoarder at all. Just that, every girl should have a bag for each mood she has.

Do you like any of these? Which one catches your eye? Share you favorites with me.

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