Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style Lust

Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop!

Everytime I go browsing a high end online store, I make a mental wishlist of the gorgeous pieces i'd like to add to my wardrobe.. regardless of the fact that i'd not be able to ACTUALLY afford those pieces in a lifetime without donating a kidney or stealing my dad's credit card !

But, come QVENDO and the dream of owning brands like Armani, Gucci & Hugo Boss seems within reach.. And why wouldn't it be, the very generous bunch of people working behind the site offer the designer pieces at almost HALF the price! You know how elating that is?! Investing those last 5K that you saved after 3 months on an Armani Jeans Dress feels like guilty pleasure.. 
Although, I earn NOTHING of myself, i'm shameful enough to make a list of things I'd want from the site. Some Classy & Fabulous pieces that would make adorable outfits when combine with the existing wardrobe. 

Here's my Style Wish List from the QVENDO Diwali Sale Store.. 

The Armani Jeans Dress; Feels like Summer! But if paired up with some hot shot pumps and a chic blazer, it becomes a perfect Fall outfit. And oh, the Owl pendant adds a hint of coolness to it .
 This one very well qualifies as a Date Outfit ;)

Yet another summer outfit, cute CK tank top with a floral mini, ballet flats ( lets confess, we all love em!) and an expensive handbag. All set for the day out with Girlfriends!

This one's my most favorite of the three. A White Denim paired with plaid shirt never fails to spell CASUAL in capital. Plus that CK duffle bag ( from QVENDO store too) makes you step out of the house for no good reason but to show that you're awesome like that. ;)

These are just four out of the many amazing items available on the site for everyone, man, woman and kids. I wish a miraculous multiplication of digits in my bank account so I can shop all of them :P


Thanks to IndiBlogger I got a membership in this shopper's haven! If you want exclusive access too then 

P.S. I cant describe how much efforts it took to create those outfits in photoshop for a digitally challenged person like me but then I cant even explain how much pleasurable it is to go through all those fabulous fashion pieces out in the Google search results, picking the one that fits your outfit the best and then imagining yourself wearing it!
THIS post has been fun for me. 

Written for the DISCOVER QVENDO contest on Indiblogger

Share your Style Wish List with me. 
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